06/16/19*New releases*

Because There is so much update, I decided to change the layout into a table based instead! Enjoy these new updates

  Still in Hiatus, sorry everyone
  There is barely any I dream of Jeannie content left, and I manage to find a new comic series I highly recomend you read. It's called "The Lamp by blackshirtboy.
  Chapter 3 is still ongoing, but due to severe injurines and timing, it's time to do only one page a week. It may take longer but it depends on my bnsy schedule
  There is only ONE genie Charm left and Genie Crystal will be the Final item for sale!
  NEw Trading cards has been released! followed by a brand new set!
Just recenntly released the month of June but if you want to buyback the older patreon rewards, feel free to visit at my gumroad
Please follow me on twitter if you want to hear some more annoucements!

04/01/19*Happy Birthday Jeannie / April Fools*

Because There is so much update, I decided to change the layout into a table based instead! Enjoy these new updates

  yes it's true, the Another bottle series is now in hiatus, but don't worry, the original author will return and is still continue posting new stories. I couldn't keep going with new stuff since I had to work insanely hard on patreon and wishmakers.
  This is a huge update, since i failed to continue updating due to Patreon / Jeanie's bottle, I decided to spend one full day finding new items and put together everything in one go. Not only did i added new comics in the section but also added a nice new fanfiction folder that is tied neatly in an organized fashion! Majoy apologies for this arriving late but I hope you like
  Chapter 2 is NOW complete but theres more to it than meets the eye. I hate breaking this news but I seem to overly worked myself to get that chapter done so now I have to limit my work onto this series. I hope you will like it since there will be alot of djinnification process, reverse genderbending, and mishaps for genie imprisonments. I hope you love this series since it involve people's Original creations.
  Two NEW charms are being released.
Genie kim of the Devotion bottle and Mermaid Kim. BOTH ON SALE NOW ^ ^!
  NEw Trading cards has been released! followed by a brand new set!
If you love Genies then feel free to follow me on patreon. Not only your support will give me motivation but also gives you a nice character reward, EVEN if it's just $1 you still get something!
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Nothing new to report other than saying happy new year with a brand new animation.. As for this year, I am going to limit the updates on the genie harem now, Since I am busy, the genie harem updates will be in a Monthly Schedule. Really sorry for many fans out there ;_;!..but please check them out!


Thank you for using Disqus... As of now, Disqus will no longer be of service for this! Please join the comments with me at wordpress's Gravitar. I will follow comments on my wishmakers comic. So I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!


The site is Nearly complete but you are most welcome to check it out. It is now more Lenient in terms of sizes, so if you have a computer, the banner will be a video, but if you have a Tablet or a phone, it will shrink to the size to fit for your everyday needs. Enjoy this because it's 98% I have to wait for the domain name registration to finished but until then, enjoy the first three pages and a few of the finest selected fanarts from amazing artists
Finally, I want to say that Disqus will be shut down soon since I find it more better that the wishmakers website will have gravatar instead, so I will be focusing that instead for comments to respond. Also This site will still be here I just need to find a good use for it now that the Manga and fan art sections ( along with informations about genieness) will be on the manga site: WishmakerS
February 1st wil be the final day to post your final comments! for Disqus !

01/01/19*Happy New year*

Nothing new to report other than saying happy new year with a brand new animation.. As for this year, I am going to limit the updates on the genie harem now, Since I am busy, the genie harem updates will be in a Monthly Schedule. Really sorry for many fans out there ;_;!..but please check them out!

12/14/18*I dream of Another Jeannie Bottle*

- I dream of another Jeanie Bottle -

Great news ( techinically bad news), I was meant to ask them to post the new " page 5" on jeaniebottle site but because of my late arrival, it is now postponed til next week. So if your wondering when the next page is going to be updated your going to have to wait til next week to find out more.


GENIE CRYSTAL IS nearly sold out along with Genie jean. Please be advise, despite there will be more renewals of genie jean or anne, Crystal will be extremely limited and rare! There are only a few copies left. If you missed out, then I apologized in advance, but when one genie goes back to it's vessel, a brand new one shall introduce to the store!. Stay tuned!

- Paypal -

(contributions / donations are always welcome from fans, I am not asking much but you are more than welcome to help keep my work / website alive!

- The Genie Harem -

Added Some new Multimedia files, along with some new comics. Enjoy


12/03/18*I dream of Another Jeannie Bottle*

- I dream of another Jeanie Bottle -

Great news ( techinically bad news), I was meant to ask them to post the new " page 5" on jeaniebottle site but because of my late arrival, it is now postponed til next week. So if your wondering when the next page is going to be updated your going to have to wait til next week to find out more.


More great news, I finally manage to join etsy and begin selling genie keychain charms! so If your interested on buying some products off from me, feel free to browse around the store and hope you like the new layout. It isn't much, but it's a small stepping stone. Hopefully I can sell more than just small silly charms ( example: Buttons, Enamel pins, ( is selling posters even allowed?), and maybe some old collectible items that I no longer needed.

- Paypal -

yeah at this point, I am not even sure if paypal is helping me tryingto set up a store, hence why paypal is going to be more dedicated to as a donation or Comission listings. I will make a new section dedicated for those who wish to ask for comissioning an artwork from me.

11/30/18*I dream of Another Jeannie Bottle*

The shantae contest Is now coming to a close. Today is the final day to submit those artworks otherwise you will lose points. You still have time but the higher the points the better the score you recieved!.

- I dream of another Jeanie Bottle -

Due to Injury and sickness, I will be on a two week hiatus from I dream of another jeannie bottle comic! CCP ( Crazy cow productions) will be taking over for the next few weeks until i finally make new pages to dedicate for the website. On the positive side,

- The Genie Harem -

has some new updates in honor to celebrate for thanksgiving, but please note, some of the site features are still in the works. So if you encounter a broken link, please notify me on the comments below so i can fix it

- Deviant art -

New artwork as always but don't expect much within the month of november thanks to the new comic pages i submited!

- Paypal / Store-

Finally, There will be a completely new section for the store that involves some new merchandises that is not listed on this webpage anywhere. I will add links to where it is located. Normally I would love to do those sites like ebay or redbubble or etsy but lately they been asking for complicated forms that they too want some cut incentive from it. I am working hard on my own and I don't need a website to tell me what to do, if you love my work please trust me on my words because I wish to be an amazing Genie / Mermaid artist that I want to make you happy with my own works.

10/31/18*I dream of Another Jeannie Bottle*

She is finally released. The very first page of the latest new comic of the series. Despite it takes in an alternate universe, I am putting my hardest to support another artist because I admire his work and successess. I hope for the best he will be alright and one day realized how many viewers / fans he has to admire. I also am taking twitter serious on posting Shantae artworks, so if your a fan of shantae, Twitter is the way to go to see them all! Finally a new Emblem has appeared dedicated to the genie harem. New update included as well. this time I introduce a comics section for literature readers and an exclusive I dream of jeannie section!

And finally theres onle 30 days left for the contest of shantae. Here is hoping for the best!


Happy birthday to me ^ ^!.... That's right as a special treat, (and with the help of my friends online), I am going to re-uploading the genie harem. This time it is under moderation to me only. The last owner did a good job maintaining it but lately it has some issues with not crediting artists. So this new version will showcase their wonderfull genie artworks and their creativity. Also Please note this is an 18+ site. So entering it to view, is here by you are infact a mature adult. The contest still goes on and added a new consolation prize for those who wish to win!.


So if your wondering what is the newest update for the contest, I added TWO new prizes on the prize pool, and added a new FAQS section from people who asked questions..however, the coin is still in heavy debate since there is only one. I also got complaints from users of deviant art asking that drawing contest should be about the skill they are utilizing and should be related to it, so this time I removed the gaming (official versions) from the block and shifted it to gaming contest only. Same goes with the Drawing contest for the art books. I also updated new artworks and this time, I added a TWITTER page. Feel free to Follow and subscribe to it. Because more annoucements of Shantae Fan art will be available.


So much new content to showcase!, Well for starters, I finally got a chance to work on a new comic, but sadly it is more of a dedicated fan art that is non canon. So I don't know what CDRUDD will do but hopefing for the best while he is away!. SO enjoy the new comic strips, once he manages to post them online!. IN other news, the comics of wishmaker is steadily growing at a slow pace!, along with goddess maker, and the realm!. I am sorry to say this but due to work, it is put on hold temporary until i manage to get all comissions and conventions accomplished. I also have a role at the shantae wiki discord channel so things are slowly growing through!....
if your a Fan of Shantae and wish to particpate on the contest, please let me know and please take the time to post your artworks!... Remember, it has to be posted AFTER September 20th.. if you post it before, it will NOT count. Thank you all for those participating, and I promise you, you will be graded fairly and equally like the rest ( Both professional and beginner). My only advise for those who are nervous about showcasing your work, HAve fun.. put as much effort as you want.. and take the time to draw it... That is why this contest is behing posted for more than 2 months!. The prizes are being posted but it will take some time to cater up to the crowds.


It's been a while not showcasing this, but there will be some new changes on this series.. For starters, im adding some old pages back into the site from my old drafts and at the same time, Coloring them one by one. I do have to mention a user online that i highly recomend to watch and want to give credit to him since I loved his photography that I have to blend it with the comics i am using. Enjoy the very first vol of the WishmakerS series.
as for the djinnification stories, those will be placed on hold for now until i make a proper setting for them!...

08/03/18*Back from a long Vacation*

So good to be back from the Road trip and Anime Expo. Things didn't turn out so well at anime expo yet at the same time it payed off somewhat greatly. It is ashame that I may not want to relive those experiences because anime expo is heavily congested and I had to bypass foot traffic within the alleyways of the artist. I did everything i ever could to have a peace of mind but things took a turn for the worse. I really did wanted to meet Matt bozon ( Creator of Shantae) but I could never have the chance since our time difference kept avoid each other
As for the road trip, things went so well but alot of bumps was hit along the road. It will be a while to get back up from where i was left off but I hope things will go smoothly in the end. Enjoy these new updates and Sorry for the lack of content being posted due to my absence. July was indeed, an extremely difficult month for me to deal with!

06/13/18*Accepted to Anime Expo *

Goodnews, I finally got accepted at anime expo!., I will sell my artworks there and I hope to see you all at the convention from July 4th to july 8th. In the mean time, some new updates have arrived! Feel free to check them out. I am doing everything I can to get commissions done, and I want to thank those who helped donate money for this event. I am still repaying those who offer the higher income donation so Stay tuned for the reward annoucements. Finally, new promo cards Featuring two powerful djinns, Demitri and onami.. enjoy!.

04/20/18_____*Goddess Maker chapter 51 completed*

Finally, Chapter 51 is now completed. I can finally introduce new characters that is signed up for the listings. Expect great things from this series and I hope you guys will love them too. I know I am not very good at telling a story but I do want to have characters interact with each other. Meanwhile deviantart, I am posting some artworks, some good some bad and some I need support for anime expo / Fanime con. Anything helps really... If you want to contribute something click on the paypal and donate anything you feel like contributing. THe trading cardgame also has a new update so feel free to check out the new cards..

04/11/18_____*Goddess Maker updated*

Introducing the third Master of the GoddessMaker series.. (I really need to find a good Comic name). This time I am introducing two new characters that are are a combined Hybrids ( Genie / Mermaid ). Meanwhile in deviant art, I am Also Updating some new artworks with returning Latexia along with new Rubber girl Characters..

04/06/18_____*Goddess Maker updated / New Cards updated*

It seems saphaia is not getting along with her peers. Especially begining a fued with Selene. However Crystal also decides to join in on the fun, even though this is punishment for the other girls. Crystal is still a dedicated nice person that is willing to help those who are suffering the consequences. Meanwhile Asriel and Serif are noticing something odd about demitri's Behaivor and it might have something to do with Crystal's Anniversary.
Also updated is new cards for the Harem Tcg...and new artwork at Deviant art. Enjoy the update of April!

03/29/18_____*Goddess Maker updated / New Cards updated*

It's time to introduce Demitri's Side of the harem. We get to see all the girls in action trying to cooperate with each other, or at least trying to... Meanwhile, The trading card game also received an update with the released of a few new cards. 3 new cards are added in the divinity section. Happy Mermaid Day (According to Abc's Stupid idea of a joke when trying to promote a mermaid show)

03/26/18_____*Card Game update*

Introducing the newest card game expansion, Dynasty. This will be heavily focus on the Region of the Asia theme artworks and designs. New characters are also being introduce with the addition of Ruby, Mei lin, Misha and Empress keba. Also the comment section is now changed from google+ to Disqus while the Chat room is now located in discord. If you want an invite, please submit a comment on the section below and I will get back to you with the invite code as soon as possible.

03/22/18_____*Genie realm / Card Game update*

Sorry for the late response, but I want to annouce the new set has been released. It isn't much but I do hope you enjoy it. We Finally get to introduce Onami's harem girls. They are quite an amazing bunch of active users who care for their master. Onami is the second master of the series and I hope you all give a nice warm comfort to him like keba has. Meanwhile in the Trading card development, Three new cards are in the works. I reuploaded the wonders set so please enjoy them as much as I have.

03/19/18===<***Genie realm update***

New page updated (only page 6 for now)...The next set of pages will be released every wednesday, so stay tuned!

03/17/18===<***St Patricks Day update***

I will be updating the logos to it's english Counterpart. Although there will be Two new mangas to update but one of them is brand new. The only problem is time management so I will do the best of my ability to offer it's Standard (best) quality.

This story takes place later on when Demitri is fallen into a realm where genie's rule the land.

|This story Takes place of the current timeline where Keba will become an important figure. The chapter is complete but the Pages are not in high quality finish. I will be posting them very soon. Sorry for this series to be late. (Link is enabled)

03/15/18===<***March update***

I want to apologize for the lack of update but I promise you this website will have a meaning aftert alll. For starters, I will be posting the comic at the front page very soon, the badnews is that it will be many miles ahead from the storyline. I hope you keep waiting and hope to see you guys soon again!..Today's update isn't much but decided to add Two more artistic account. One for Furrinfinity and the other is an 18+ or older Channel (you may have to search this on your own since I will not be self promoting this)

02/20/18===<***valentines update***

01/01/18===<***Happy New Years update / Crystal's Birthday***

Thank you for yet another wonderful year. Wanted to celebrate today's festivities with the celebration of Crystal's birthday. Hope to see ya there for the event ^ ^!. 2017 has been an amazing year and hope 2018 Doesn't suck -_-!i

/11/17===<***November update***

Thank you for your patience, I have updated some new content for both deviant art and tumblr. Tumblr was released a while back but i havent gain much focus onto it. I will do my personal best to support those who favor tumblr more than deviant art. Now for some goodnews for eveyrone. I released a new Expansion set entitled: Lamp maker. This set is created by Moose and Myself. It is based off from his story that he created. I was so facinated by it that it inspired me to draw them to reality. Please note it is a NSFW story content to I advise you that by clicking onto this link, you are here by agree that you are at the age of 18 years or older.

05/20/17===<***Earth Day update***

Updated new artwork on deviant art, Harem Trading card game is now updated and there might be some bug fixes to resolve but please enjoy it as much as you like. I also added new Divinity cards so please, people at the age of 18 years or older ONLY!!!
Also new posters for preview to sell for fanimecon. Hope to see you all there.. Remember I will be at booth #102

04/04/17===<***April update***
04/20/17===<***Earth Day update***

Updated new artwork on deviant art, I also added new promo cards and theres a new released set called Divinity. The divinity set is basically +18 adult content only. Please view them at your own risk! I do not want your Parents to get angry at you.

04/04/17===<***April update***

Updated new artwork on deviant art, I also added new promo cards. Feel free to take a look

10/25/16===<***Christmas update***

Bao and the bottle Chapter 3 is now uploaded!!!Merry Christmas eveyrone..(Bao and the bottle is a yearly updated comic)!

10/25/16===<***Site DOWNGRADED***

Unfortunately.. ANY new artwork content is now going to be migrated towards the Deviant art and Tumblr services. Thank you so much for your support and I hope you understand what this process means to me.

10/17/16===<***Harem TCG 3.0***

The trading card game will be updated slowly piece by piece in time for Octobe 20th celebration. This set will be design for a program called "lackeyCcg". As of now Symphony of witches is being updated while Digitalism will be removed from the setlist!

10/10/16===<***Pokemon GO SHIRTS FOR SALE / Mermaid Keba sale / Scoreceress apprentice on sale***

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

07/30/16===<***Chapter UPDATED***

Sorry for the delay on pages. I got very sick and ill from a stomah flu for the past month. I will be working on more pages whenever the chance, happens.

06/30/16===<***Hachimitsu Ink***

Hey everyone, sorry for another late update, but would like to rest assure that all commission projects I have accomplished are now finished. As of now I Will be updating the gallery works soon, but in the mean time, feel free to enjoy the newest manga story "Goddess Maker".

This series pages will be uploaded once a week!!

02/22/16===<***Hachimitsu Ink***

Hey everyone, sorry for the late update, but alot of things has come up. Bao and the bottle CHAPTER 2 is released, so please enjoy the stories...

Also for those who are interested on anothere tale of djinnification series (and the prelud to the goddess maker comic), Betrayer and the bottle is now for sale!..

if your interested visit here::


/31/15===<***Hachimitsu Ink***

It's been a long time not uipdating this webpage but it's good to know that there are still alot of people who are interested on my artwork. The new site is going to fun since i have alot of artworks to update and new comics to post!. Those who are familiar with the comic, Bao and the bottle will finally have a new home for this. Alongisde with Sunrise-oasis now changed to "Goddess Maker". If you happened to see a green glow, go ahead and click on them as they offer fire works spectacular shows for your amusement. I am deeply sorry for th update on the webpage being late but on the plus side, I am there for you on new years eve celebration. Thank you so much for being patient with me and please i hope you do enjoy the new layout.