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03/19/18===<***Genie realm update***

New page updated (only page 6 for now)...The next set of pages will be released every wednesday, so stay tuned!

03/17/18===<***St Patricks Day update***

I will be updating the logos to it's english Counterpart. Although there will be Two new mangas to update but one of them is brand new. The only problem is time management so I will do the best of my ability to offer it's Standard (best) quality.

This story takes place later on when Demitri is fallen into a realm where genie's rule the land.

|This story Takes place of the current timeline where Keba will become an important figure. The chapter is complete but the Pages are not in high quality finish. I will be posting them very soon. Sorry for this series to be late. (Link is enabled)

03/15/18===<***March update***

I want to apologize for the lack of update but I promise you this website will have a meaning aftert alll. For starters, I will be posting the comic at the front page very soon, the badnews is that it will be many miles ahead from the storyline. I hope you keep waiting and hope to see you guys soon again!..Today's update isn't much but decided to add Two more artistic account. One for Furrinfinity and the other is an 18+ or older Channel (you may have to search this on your own since I will not be self promoting this)

02/20/18===<***valentines update***

01/01/18===<***Happy New Years update / Crystal's Birthday***

Thank you for yet another wonderful year. Wanted to celebrate today's festivities with the celebration of Crystal's birthday. Hope to see ya there for the event ^ ^!. 2017 has been an amazing year and hope 2018 Doesn't suck -_-!i

/11/17===<***November update***

Thank you for your patience, I have updated some new content for both deviant art and tumblr. Tumblr was released a while back but i havent gain much focus onto it. I will do my personal best to support those who favor tumblr more than deviant art. Now for some goodnews for eveyrone. I released a new Expansion set entitled: Lamp maker. This set is created by Moose and Myself. It is based off from his story that he created. I was so facinated by it that it inspired me to draw them to reality. Please note it is a NSFW story content to I advise you that by clicking onto this link, you are here by agree that you are at the age of 18 years or older.

05/20/17===<***Earth Day update***

Updated new artwork on deviant art, Harem Trading card game is now updated and there might be some bug fixes to resolve but please enjoy it as much as you like. I also added new Divinity cards so please, people at the age of 18 years or older ONLY!!!
Also new posters for preview to sell for fanimecon. Hope to see you all there.. Remember I will be at booth #102

04/04/17===<***April update***
04/20/17===<***Earth Day update***

Updated new artwork on deviant art, I also added new promo cards and theres a new released set called Divinity. The divinity set is basically +18 adult content only. Please view them at your own risk! I do not want your Parents to get angry at you.

04/04/17===<***April update***

Updated new artwork on deviant art, I also added new promo cards. Feel free to take a look

10/25/16===<***Christmas update***

Bao and the bottle Chapter 3 is now uploaded!!!Merry Christmas eveyrone..(Bao and the bottle is a yearly updated comic)!

10/25/16===<***Site DOWNGRADED***

Unfortunately.. ANY new artwork content is now going to be migrated towards the Deviant art and Tumblr services. Thank you so much for your support and I hope you understand what this process means to me.

10/17/16===<***Harem TCG 3.0***

The trading card game will be updated slowly piece by piece in time for Octobe 20th celebration. This set will be design for a program called "lackeyCcg". As of now Symphony of witches is being updated while Digitalism will be removed from the setlist!

10/10/16===<***Pokemon GO SHIRTS FOR SALE / Mermaid Keba sale / Scoreceress apprentice on sale***

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

07/30/16===<***Chapter UPDATED***

Sorry for the delay on pages. I got very sick and ill from a stomah flu for the past month. I will be working on more pages whenever the chance, happens.

06/30/16===<***Hachimitsu Ink***

Hey everyone, sorry for another late update, but would like to rest assure that all commission projects I have accomplished are now finished. As of now I Will be updating the gallery works soon, but in the mean time, feel free to enjoy the newest manga story "Goddess Maker".

This series pages will be uploaded once a week!!

02/22/16===<***Hachimitsu Ink***

Hey everyone, sorry for the late update, but alot of things has come up. Bao and the bottle CHAPTER 2 is released, so please enjoy the stories...

Also for those who are interested on anothere tale of djinnification series (and the prelud to the goddess maker comic), Betrayer and the bottle is now for sale!..

if your interested visit here::


/31/15===<***Hachimitsu Ink***

It's been a long time not uipdating this webpage but it's good to know that there are still alot of people who are interested on my artwork. The new site is going to fun since i have alot of artworks to update and new comics to post!. Those who are familiar with the comic, Bao and the bottle will finally have a new home for this. Alongisde with Sunrise-oasis now changed to "Goddess Maker". If you happened to see a green glow, go ahead and click on them as they offer fire works spectacular shows for your amusement. I am deeply sorry for th update on the webpage being late but on the plus side, I am there for you on new years eve celebration. Thank you so much for being patient with me and please i hope you do enjoy the new layout.